If I had any doubts as to the old adage of boys not maturing past 12, I don't have any them anymore. Today is Chad's birthday, and I have been asking for a while now what he wanted for a gift.

This is the only item that he told me he wanted

So today for his 31st birthday we set up his present and have all been playing and jumping on it all evening. Best day ever and not even my birthday!

What have I learned? Little boys don't grow up they only get bigger, and I wouldn't have it any other way!


winner winner

Short Story: Chad won a skirt in a giveaway. Don't believe me? One night we were having our nightly veg session on the couch and Chad was checking this blog. I noticed the giveaway and mentioned that I would like to win it. Then, after explaining the ins and outs of giveaways Chad entered the giveaway. And he won!

{sorry for the awful pics, I still am minus 1 camera. We are in the market though finally!}

I sure am glad Chad is up for sharing digs! Seriously though, thanks Chad you made my day!