Let me count the ways

Today marks the birth of Uncle Kracker also the anniversay of D-Day, but that is not why I am posting this. I am posting this because today I celebrate the day Chad Jesse Johansson poked his little head out of the birth canal. Chad was born today 28 years ago, and so I wanted to take a moment or five to give my chadest a tribute.

These are the top 28 reasons I love yOu

1- you make a mean brazilian lemonade

2- you have perfected the hug and roll

3- you can ALWAYS make me laugh even when I am furious at you.

4- you stay home from work when I am sick to take care of the house and kids and everything

5- you kiss me in the morning even though we both know my breath is deadly

6- you are always up for wrestling

7- when I have spent the whole day on a project and the house is a total wreck and the first thing you notice is that the new pillows look great

8- you know how to be chivalrous by opening the door, offering me your hand and always helping me put on my coat.

9- complement me despite the fact that you hate that I wear skinny jeans

10- let me give my two cents about EVERYTHING

11- you still like to cop a feel

12- you call to ask me how I am doing

13- you ALWAYS smell GooD even after you come home from playing basketball

14- you know exactly how I like steak and will stand outside in the rain until it is completely cooked through with no pink

15- you always come to my defense regardless of how ridiculous it is

16- you have a strong testimony of the gospel

17- you are not afraid to wipe noses and bums or push a stroller or hold a flowery diaper bag

18- you try very hard to get our babies to say mama even though they can only say dada at first

19- you always want me to be happy even if that means using your free time to go shopping

20- you do the bobby voice

21- your eYes have an amazing sparkle every time you SMile

22- you let me talk to you while you are going to the bathroom even though it is your "private time"

23- you love my body even after two kids

24- you have the most infectious laugh ever

25- you teach our son to be a wonderful person and you let him use your cologne

26- you can jump higher than a black man

27- you eat all food network culinary creations

28- you picked me, once we had a talk after we had been married for a few years and I was having a especially emotional girl moment and I remember that you gave me a tender hug and said "I picked you, remember" I have never forgotten that, it says with me always. I am so grateful that you did, and that I have been able to share life with you ever since. I am so glad you were born and that you are my partner in crime. I love you! Happy Birthday

6 organic thoughts:

¡emily frame! said...

i love this. number 22 especially. i am glad chad was born, tell him to come start our rock wall pronto.

Nikki & Hal said...

I'm at work and I'm crying because I read this! Happy Birthday big brother! I love you!

mckenna said...

Great post. Love the "Friends" reference there up top. Lucky guy!

P.S. Even though I made things awkward last time, I think we ought to get together again. If you want.

Tristan said...

Happy Birthday to your Hubby!

Mandi said...

This is great! It kind of makes me miss Chad-ly. Happy Birthday, Dude! Love ya!

Michael said...

Love it!! And I thought you were pokin fun at me when I did the same for Michael!! Gotta love public adoration.