Pomp and Circumstance

Gav is a super home body. Everyday that he had preschool he would fight me to go not that he didn't like it, he just didn't want to get out of his jammies. And then as soon as he was home he would change out of everyday clothes and back into his beloved jammies. For the last three months he has been asking me when he would be done so he didn't have to get dressed. So graduation day came and I have to say I was excited for this because Gavin would go around the house all of the time singing different songs and every time I would ask him what he was singing he would say "I can't tell you it's a secret" So finally I was able to hear all songs in their entirety. After the program they showed a slide show and in every picture Gavin TOWERED everyone by a foot. My preschooler is HUGE!

Gavin did not unfold his arms the ENTIRE program unless he had to do actions an a song. It was pretty cute.

3 organic thoughts:

Aubree said...

what a handsome little boy!! They grow up so fast!

Aubree said...

We move August 1st. I want to get together with everyone and have a bbq. I need your help friend. I called and left you a message yesterday, call me when you get a chance. Love ya!

Tristan said...

He is a big boy! He looks like he could be like 7 years old to me!