bring on spring

The secret to my spring wardrobe this year is two fold. Part one: SHOP MY CLOSET. I really don't do this enough I can't tell you how many times I have been surprised to "re discover" items in my closet. Which brings me to part two: add a few key pieces.

A great way to make a statement is by color blocking. This top does all the work for you and I also love the shape and how light and airy it is.

The bright color of this bag is amazing. I must be rebelling against huge "I have three kids and can take everything with me" bag, because I have been carrying this type more and more, but my closet is screaming for this wonderful orange that surprisingly goes with so many things.
When I need an instant look I add a blazer. Honestly it works with everything dresses, skirts, pants and I under the right circumstances, shorts. I almost have one in every color it seems but my closet does lack one in white. Something I will remedy thanks to this great blazer from Zara. White is so versatile and so crisp. I can't wait to get this baby in rotation.

Candy colors are screaming spring this year and these jeans from F21 are perfect. I don't normally wear a lot of pink but I am thinking about making an exception this spring. These pants will also look great with a contrasting belt.

These color blocked sandals are a perfect mix, the brown makes them neutral enough to wear with oh so many things and the shots of color give them a fun edge.

Happy almost spring and remember SHOP YOUR CLOSET!!!

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