this is the only picture I had on my computer of you

Happy Birthday Mother Darling!!!

What can I say about such an amazing person. You have always been a rock for me. So many times when I have needed something to get me through you have been there for me.

You are so wonderful. You always give me wonderful advice, you can exercise me into the ground, you have so much patience, especially when you are teaching.

I know you don't think that you are creative, which is a shame because where in heavens name do you think I got my creative gene from. YOU!!! You are a poet, an artist and a writer. You can express things on paper that I only wish I could.

I love you so much and I am so grateful for all of the lessons you have taught me in my life. Thank you for your wisdom, your patience, your thoughtfulness and your love. I can't truly express how wonderful you are and how you continue to amaze me still. I hope that some of your wonderfulness rubs off on me, especially your rockin' legs! I love you. Happy Birthday!

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Tristan said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! She looks great!