Wa Wa May

I love Watermelon (Wa Wa May as my fam calls it.) I can eat an entire melon by myself in a day. As I was sitting this morning eating the delightful fruit. I started to wonder what benefits I was receiving because all of the watermelon. So I did a little "rashelle search" and found that just one cup of watermelon gives us 25% of the vitamin C we need in a day and almost the same amount of vitamin A as well. Watermelon also has the some of the highest level of the antioxidant Lycopene, even more than tomatoes. I was really amazed at what I thought was just a wonderful summertime food, turned into be this amazing SUPER FRUIT! I am no scientist but I would venture to wonder if part of the reason we don't get as many colds in the summer is related to the amount of watermelon we consume throughout the season. further more if we chose to consume said fruit in the winter that it might help fight off the common cold. Food for thought, I think so. Click on this link to find out more about wa wa may.

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