A working girl once again. I find myself with no time to blog at all. While I am at work I am reminded of things that I need to blog about, birthdays (which will be coming shortly) concerts, holidays, outings. As I don't have to time to write a post on each one. I offer you a play-by-play of my events over the past month.

First my little sister Savanna has decided to try her skill at the art of Viola, yes that is the same instrument I play, Let me tell you it was only a LITTLE weird to go to her recital and watch her play, and remembering myself 12 years ago.

Next, though I have been swimming every week for a while now, one of the gals in my group finally had the wonderful idea to bring a camera to document the outing.

The top picture is as follows left to right: Val, Collette, Me, Emily. bottom pic: Me, Val, Emily, Collette

Third and last for tonight. Thanksgiving was wonderful, my family ended the night by cramming 14 people into a Honda Accord Hatchback to look at the Spanish Fork Lights. Don't believe me here you go.

I would have to say these two got the best deal as far as seating was concerned.

I guess that about covers it. Until next time.



If I could right now I would buy some new art for my walls. Here are a few I have been eyeing on etsy. What do you think?

What about giving thanks

Why is it that we go from Halloween to Christmas. Last time I checked there is tremendous holiday in the middle. Hello THANKSGIVING!!! I love Christmas just as much as anyone but I like to give everyone their fair share and so I am taking a stand to not overlook an important celebration. I will not put up my Christmas deco until AFTER the 27th and I will not listen to Holiday tunes until after that day as well. Join me to embrace what the pilgrims and the Indians worked so hard for, the chance that we have to stuff our faces.


Smell my feet

All Hallows Eve was a success this year.

Every year the Johansson Family has a theme, well 5 year olds don't like to compromise and so we had two themes this year. Chad was CHewbacca and Gavin was Han Solo. I was Cruella De Vil and Milo was a Dalmatian

We could never get gavin to stop for one minute to take a picture. So imagine Han solo next to Chewbacca

Gav in the new cast of Thriller

This picture does not do Milos dance moves justice, imagine him stomping his foot and punching the air. see much cuter.

The one and only family Halloween picture. Until next year.