Do you ever have those days when you feel like you have done a lot but don't have anything to show for it. When I have those days, {like today} I like to give my self a little boost by recapping my day in numbers.

13 bills paid
3 times sweeping the floor
1 time mopping the floor
3 spills cleaned up
1 preschool field trip
4 moments to myself {using the bathroom}
9 number of times I died "helping" Milo play a video game
14 books I read to August
5 amount of times I had to tell Gavin to get on his homework
4 outfit changes for Milo
12 amount of times Milo asked me if he could change his clothes again.
60 minutes of trying keeping kids and basketballs off the court at Gavin's practice
1 pot of taco soup
20 minutes of uninterrupted time chad and I had to debrief about our day
6 trips into August room to put him down for naps and bed
7 times getting August off after he climbs on the dishwasher

the next time you are feeling like you didn't do enough in a day, make a list. It really helps put your role into perspective

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