half way there

I am smack dab in the middle of the Bij. I am having an extremely hard time getting excited for anything because all my mind can process right now is things that start with Bijou and end with Market. Thanksgiving being three days away and Hawaii a mere 8 days after that is not even registering with me.

Having said this, I do need you to understand that as stressful as this crazy circus of a life is right now, it is by far the most amazing, fun, thrilling, and energizing thing in my life. Provo was as always wonderful. It is always fun to see old faces and make new Bijou friends.

Spending two days straight with these lovelies makes bijou over the top for me which makes me so glad that we get another day this coming Saturday. So if you were feeling blue because you didn't get down to Provo this weekend cheer up, we will be up in Taylorsville for our first ever Bijou Market Salt Lake City.

In the meantime, if you missed seeing me talk about the Bij on Fox take a look. click here.

coming soon, my Bijou Market picks.

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