My sister Camille {number four} is living in Boston for a year and so my Mother and I hopped a plane to spend a week with her. Words alone can't express how wonderful it was. I didn't realize how much fun a trip with your mom and one sister can be. And until you have seen New England in the fall, forget about it.

Day one
Location: Boston, MA
Activites: Freedom Trail, Mike's Pastry, etc.
Lessons Learned: Bostonians have no patience when it comes to driving, or walking or anything really. No one says excuse me. Everyone walks EVERYWHERE! Unless you are very brave {like me} do not wear a Lakers T-shirt in Boston, you will get lots of comments and dirty looks.

Clockwise from top left"
-bulidings are so close to each other you could jump from one to the other
-One of many pictures I took of architecture that inspired me
- me, millie, and mom after our trip to the top of Bunker Hill Monunment
- posing at Fauevil Hall
- amazing grave stones, I took about fifty more just like this one
- Old North Church, you know one if by land two if by see...
- Sweets brownie cupcake
- Memorial to soldiers killed in the Iraq wars
- Lobster roll, you can't leave Boston without trying one
- Millie and Me standing in front of Paul Revere the statue
- Bunker Hill Monument {294 steps to the top}

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