Just like every Monday it seems, I have a pile of things I need to do. Laundry I didn't get  to over the weekend, yet another clean through of the house and thanks to a wonderful weekend of thrifting (why doesn't the spell check dictionary recognize the word thrifting as an actual word, I need to have a talk with Webster) with my Sister/Mother in law, I now have a heap items to add to my closet. Only a problem in the sense that I am in serious need of a closet re haul. I have almost no space left and I have made a promise to myself to absolutely not expand into Chads 1/3 of the closet. To he honest though I have already taken half of August's closet, the hall closet, under the bed and several bins in the garage.  I have searched for ways to make the most of the space but everything I have found seems to only take away space.

Like this
and this (who really has six pair of shoes)
This is my current closet. 
I know what you are thinking wasted space on the top and no shelving on the bottom. Well get ready because while I am almost always in the mood for a project, this warm weather gives Chad home improvement fever. In no time at all I will have a more functional closet...fingers crossed. Do you think I should ask him to convert one of our bedrooms into this...
Okay maybe that is pushing it... for now. If you have any bright ideas send them my way. Leave a comment or you can always e-mail me myvdecor@gmail.com.

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