DIY polka dot jeans

Is anyone else obsessing over these? 
I knew I had to have them, unfortunately the price tag doesn't agree with my pocketbook.  After a somewhat long Google session, and only finding some horrible looking options from hsn.com in my price range (I don't want to talk about it) I knew I had to do something. Solution... Craft session with Emily of course.

Here is our step by step guide
You will need:
-one pair denim
- new pencil with and eraser
-acrylic paint
-washable marker

Everyone has at least one pair of colored jeans that just don't make it out of the closet often enough. I have this pair of grey denim from F21 that I never wear, and I thought polka dots would be a refreshing change.

After much debating we settled on just eyeballing the dots. We did however decide to pre-mark where the dots would go with a washable marker. We used a diamond pattern. 

Using the eraser end of a new pencil we "stamped" dots onto the pants using a diamond pattern.
Dry the front with a hair dryer before you flip the jeans and stamp the other side.
And there you have it, I have given new life to my drab feeling jeans.
Emily turned up the volume on a pair of emerald green jeans, click here to see more.

Who says you can't look great on a budget. And I always love an outfit that will save me hundreds. This project cost me $0 since I already owned the jeans, but for under $20 there are lots of bright color options.  Good Luck!

5 organic thoughts:

nicole choules said...

so cute! you gals are awesome

Jenn @ PSP said...

This is incredibly adorable! I love polka dots. If I could just jump on the bandwagon and get some colored pants already, I'd be good to go!



Jess said...

I want to hug those jeans.

Jess from A Winding Road

Miss F. said...

It turned out great! I love your blog, I hope you check out mine too :)


Sweet Savvy Style said...

They turned out great. I'm going to try it! Have you washed them??