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I make lists, lots and lots of lists.  I don't know how some people can get through life without them. Maybe some people are blessed, but for me if I don't write it down with my own hand, my brain will NOT remember it.

My lists are not glamorous at all. Lots of scribbles on lined paper in a notebook. As you can see one of the kids always gets a hold of my list and decides to add a few "notes" of there own. I have wanted a solution to my ugly list problem for a while now and Modern Palm came to my rescue. Their line of notepads are as functional as they are wonderful to look at.

I have tried so many versions in the past with high hopes, only to be disappointed. Usually from lack of room to write, but this notepad gives me plenty of space, and I am going to take it one step further to make this the notepad of my dreams by adding a big, fat magnet on the back so that my clutter will disappear from my counter and be neatly stored hanging from my fridge.

Modern Palm has some great finds. Take a look and if you spend $150 you get free shipping. Bonus, I am always a sucker for free shipping.

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Modern Palm Boutique said...

Hey! Thanks so much for mentioning Modern Palm...
Just wanted to let you know that for the holiday season our notepads are on SALE!
There are 5 different styles and colors in the the chevron pattern...
lots of other fun things on sale for the holidays too!
Modern Palm