My Resturant Critique

I just got home from a restaurant in American Fork called Flour Girls & Dough Boys. It was SO disappointing. The atmosphere was so me, it has orange and white checkered floor and turquoise walls. Vintage chandeliers hang from the ceiling and there is a little sitting area by a fireplace. But the food was not good. First we waited for 25 minutes after we ordered our food. And this is not a sit down menu place, you order at the counter and wait for your food. So once we finally got our food I was really hoping it would be good. I got a chicken and avocado panini. not good. I also got a mint brownie. not good. This really makes me sad, because now that is just one more crappy restaurant I can add to the long list of ones we have here in Utah county. You can't decorate cute and expect the food to be good too. Okay enough venting, just though I would tell you all.

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